My work all falls under this central theme: The effect of group identity on different aspects of cognition/judgements. This includes the effect of partisan identity on belief in fake news, belief updating in the face of fact corrections, evaluations of presidential debates, etc. 

My central interest is on how partisan identity affects (whether in a biased or rational manner) belief formation, updating and information seeking. 

A Selection of

Current Projects


Belief in

fake news

We find support for a partisan bias in fake news belief, such that Democrats are more likely to believe negative fake news about Republican politicians than Democratic politicians (and vice versa for Republicans). We also explore individuals willingness to share the fake news on social media. 

Judge and Gavel

Partisan bias in punishment

We are similarly exploring whether there is a partisan group bias in punishment judgments, such that Democratic participants would be more willing to punish Republican transgressors, and vice versa for Republican participants.


Bias in belief updating

Building on the partisan bias in belief, we are exploring how effective fact checks are on political misinformation on Twitter, specifically when these fact checks are given by ingroup versus outgroup politicians.